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Article: Featured: Las Vegas Magazine | KAPTVA Apparel Uniform Design

Featured: Las Vegas Magazine | KAPTVA Apparel Uniform Design - KAPTVA Apparel

Featured: Las Vegas Magazine | KAPTVA Apparel Uniform Design

Kaptva Apparel custom design of swim uniforms at Stadium Swim in Circa Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Kaptva is thrilled and honored to announce its role in designing and manufacturing uniforms for Stadium Swim, an iconic pool venue in Las Vegas.


JULY 1, 2022

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Stadium Swim Model Cocktail Server: Lindsay Lanouette

It’s not uncommon for your jaw to drop when you walk through the glass doors out onto the upper level of Stadium Swim and are first hit with the sheer size and scope of the pool complex. “Stadium Swim—it’s surreal,” says EJ Stagner, director of Stadium Swim at Circa Resort & Casino. “It’s an environment that Vegas has never seen before.”

’Tis true. Let’s start with the 40-foot-tall, high-definition screen that is continually displaying sports, as well as sportsbook stats through its 14 million pixels. Then let’s talk venue. With a capacity of 4,000 people, it has three levels filled with 30 roomy cabanas, 337 chaise lounges, 38 daybeds, two owner’s suites (which fit 25 people!) and six pools. Live DJs play top 40 tunes throughout the day, and there’s a ginormous food and cocktail menu. Swim-up bars, living-room-type setups that sit on a ledge in the pool and a walk-up bar with frozen cocktail concoctions round out the offerings.

Then there are the hours of operation. Stadium Swim is open day and night and doesn’t take a day off—it’s open 365 days a year. But wait, you ask: Doesn’t it get pretty cold here during the winter? Not an issue, as cooler weather changes Stadium Swim’s pools to giant Jacuzzis, heated to keep folks nice and warm. “In the winter, where every other pool is closing, we’re still open,” Stagner says. “We basically have six huge hot tubs. With the sports, college football, NFL, it’s a great place to come and watch the games.”

Stadium Swim is 21 and over, so there are no kids running amok; and Stagner says it’s a great spot for those looking to celebrate with a bachelor or bachelorette party. “It’s definitely different,” he says. “It’s a great experience. I think it provides, not only downtown but Las Vegas in general, a great place for both locals and tourists. It really gives you the best of both worlds—if you just want to come for the pool party and experience that or for sports fans, this is really the only place in Vegas, in the country, to really experience watching your team.”'

Circa Resorts & Casino, cabanas and daybeds can be booked online at or by calling 702.247.2258


Cocktail swim uniform designed by Kaptva Apparel at Stadium Swim in Circa Las Vegas. Custom design swim uniforms and manufacturer